Whatever your business sector, an Interim Manager with a strong track record of success is vital during periods of transition, crisis or change. Strong professional networks and proven search methods enable us to find outstanding interim managers for your company.


There’s a wide consensus within industry on the positive impact a well-sourced Interim Manager can have on your business. They provide expertise in change management, objectivity, commitment and a measureable ROI. Where we come in is in the evaluation and selection of the best interim management talent for your company.


Our Interim Management search techniques and methods have been refined and benefit from our experience in Executive Search.


Our partner organisations also work in compliance with Arbeitnehmerüberlassung requirements in Germany.





We have a team of highly experienced consultants with industry knowledge that fully understand the technical requirements of most roles whilst also appreciating the commercial and cultural demands of the engineering and manufacturing sector.


Our back office team are also highly experienced and are on hand to answer any legal, financial or contractual information that should arise.


M-Tec take pride in having never missed a payment to any of our contractors in almost 20 years and believe in keeping the personal touch with anyone that works for the organisation. We treat everyone with honesty and integrity following our Candidate Commitment Policy and Best Practice Policy to ensure we ‘Exceed Expectations’ at all times.


Should you have any questions or require any additional information with regards to the Contract Process with M-Tec please do not hesitate to either call on +44 (0)121 710 1800.



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